After Care Diet

So, you had your teeth whitened. Now, what? The aftercare diet is very crucial to maintaining a white smile for years. It shouldn’t be complicated, though. Keep updated here!

Whitening only starts in the dental clinic. Onward, it’s up to the patient to do his best to maintain the pearly whites he has just acquired – all while keeping the teeth’s integrity at the same time. Stains won’t immediately occur again, however, equipping yourself with the do’s and don’ts after the treatment makes sense.

Follow the ‘White Diet’

After laser teeth whitening treatment, it is essential to strictly follow ‘white diet’ to avoid any possible teeth discoloration or staining. The stain removal process opens the pores of your teeth, so follow the white diet 48 hours soon after to give your teeth enough time to adjust.

What does the white diet say?

This means you are only allowed to eat clear or white foods to reduce any staining possibilities. Also, you must avoid very cold or hot food, dairy products, foods with a high level of acidity (e.g., lemons & oranges), and foods consisting of wheat (e.g., pasta and bread).

Drink and Foods to Consume

Be careful about what to eat and what not to eat after the whitening treatment. Foods and beverages you can take include:

Meat/Fish: chicken, quorn, white fish, turkey,

Fruits & Vegetables: white beans bananas, cauliflower, potatoes (not chips)

Dairy: skimmed milk

Sweets: white chewing gum

Carbs: white rice, white pitta bread

Cereal: rice crispies

Soft Drinks: tonic water, sparkling water, lemonade, clear coconut water (not milk)

Alcohol: white wine, white rum, gin, vodka

Drink and Foods to AVOID

Meat/Fish: colored fish (e.g., tuna and salmon, red meat

Fruits & Vegetables: lemons, oranges, plums, berries, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, peas, sprouts, beetroot, sweet corn, carrots, broccoli

Dairy: cream, margarine, butter, full day milk

Sweets: chocolate and all sweets

Carbs: all bread products including brown rice, colored pasta, and pizza bases 

Cereal: wheat-based cereals, colored cereals

Soft Drinks: coffee, tea, juice, tango, Ribena, Pepsi, Coca-Cola

Alcohol: beer, red wine, Baileys, port

Pay Attention to Your Oral Hygiene

Less sensitivity can be experienced after the treatment, though not all patients will deal with this discomfort. Dental experts advise not to brush your teeth directly following a procedure. Mainly because this will worsen the teeth pores, ultimately causing sensitivity. Use white toothpaste, NOT mouthwash. Also, smoking is prohibited for 24 hours. Doing so will stain your teeth.

Feel more confident with a brighter smile!

To make sure you’re doing the right thing after the whitening treatment, see your dentist for the next twelve months. It would be for checkups on gum problems, cavities, and any other things. Seeing a dentist often can also help you know whether or not you’re meeting the expected results.

Following the aftercare might be a bit intimidating, especially considering the restrictions on what you can drink and eat immediately after. However, the results will make it all worth it. You now have the full confidence wearing that big smile only your face!