Teeth Whitening Cost

It is really difficult keeping your teeth white when there are so many delectable forces that work together to make them dark, yellow, and dull. This is where laser teeth whitening treatment comes to the rescue – it provides a relatively easy and quick way to fight those darkening forces. You can now enjoy a glass of wine or a regular cup of coffee while simultaneously brightening your teeth!

Before making a decision, of course, the cost is the main factor you want to check out. It is no secret that laser whitening is expensive. It can bring back the pearl white shade of your teeth, but you may be wondering if it is truly worth the try.

Laser teeth whitening makes use of a laser to activate the peroxide-based bleach application. It is not the result of the laser itself, rather the bleaching gel. The treatment ensures long-term effects, usually around six to twelve months. Still, that will depend on one person to another based on his daily routines, like the type of food he eats and beverages he consumes.

Cost of Laser Teeth Whitening

The financial cost is generally divided into two parts: time cost and maintenance cost. Your location, the dentist you’re going to work with, as well as the severity of teeth discoloration also affects the entire cost.

  • Time Cost

Time costs are specifically crucial for busy individuals on the go. Here, the laser teeth whitening treatment only lasts anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours. It can easily fit into your hectic schedule. You normally have to undergo one treatment.

While it is a “one-stop” process, you still need to visit the dentist. Patients are required to return for several visits before seeing a visible improvement in their teeth’s color. You will need to come up with more than $200 in your pocket because the price constantly adds up due to multiple visits.

  • Maintenance Cost

So, you’ve scheduled an appointment with your dentist and went through the treatment procedure. That’s not at. Often, dentists supplement laser whitening with a custom-fitted tray to keep your looking teeth crystal clear for months after the session.

There are other maintenance options you’ll need to upkeep to ensure a bright smile all year long. These include investing in quality whitening toothpaste and scheduling a follow-up treatment.

On average, laser teeth whitening costs between $500 and $2,500.00 for every session.

Is the treatment worth it?

Laser whitening treatment has its pros and cons, and the decision still depends upon you. While not intended for everyone, the process is completely safe (providing, of course, you’re dealing with a registered and professional dental professional).

People who have severe problems with their teeth, such as sensitive teeth and receding gums, are not recommended to take laser whitening. Pregnant women and people under 16 years old are not qualified to undergo such treatment too. If you do not belong in any of these categories, then the process might be definitely for you.

Once the process is completed, your dentist will use a fluoride treatment. This leaves a lustrous shine on your teeth’s wake and makes it stronger.

While expensive than other whitening alternatives, the results are very satisfying. Gone are the days when you need to keep your smile and lower your confidence in talking to other people. You can still enjoy taking a sip of your favorite espresso or eating dairy products once in a while.

You will love the results of your laser teeth whitening treatment!

The final output also depends on various factors, which include dietary and lifestyle habits, stains severity, and how deep the stains are. After the session, you must expect to see immediate results. Ensure to follow proper oral hygiene and regular whitening maintenance to keep your smile light and bright.

The perfect option for those busy individuals or want a fast, efficient way to improve the shade of their teeth. The time investment is minimal, plus the result will surely blow your mind. Make sure also to visit your dentist regularly for follow-up checkups and get some advice on how to maintain your teeth pearly white.

Are you ready to share your natural, gorgeous looking smile with the world?