Teeth Whitening Facts

Not all items are suitable for us, so as teeth whitening! So, before making an appointment to the dentist, it is suggested to dig deeper about this treatment to avoid future issues that might harm your oral health or even your bank account.

Let’s dice in some facts about teeth whitening!

Is teeth whitening safe?

First of all, you need to ask whether or not professional teeth whitening are safe to carry out. Some treatments carry huge risks, and you surely don’t want the same thing to deal with. So, is whitening safe?

If used as instructed, yes, tooth whitening is completely safe. The process makes use of active ingredients to open teeth pores and kick stains temporarily. After the whole session, your teeth will rehydrate and remineralize. The result? A pearl, killer smile similar to that of your favorite celebrity! While safe, there are side effects you should watch out for.

Is whitening the right cosmetic treatment for you?

Almost everyone is apossiblecandidate for the procedure; however, it is still imperative to know what is involved. If you possess good dental health, has general tooth stains and discoloration, and has realistic result expectations, then whitening is definitely for you.

On the negative side, patients with tooth discoloration as a result of tooth decay or damage, restorations (like crowns, dental bridges, fillings, and implants), sensitive teeth, as well as children below 16 years old, and pregnant and lactating mothers are not a good candidate for this treatment. It is always important to talk to your dentist first.

Visiting a dentist is crucial

Teeth whitening is not a minor treatment, not to mention the price might break your wallet. Take time to visit a dentist or other dental professional before making a final decision. He or she has the final say whether the cosmetic process is suitable to your condition or you need to try other alternatives.

Avoid using home products as possible or even pay for private dental care. The whitening practice is just fast and can provide you effective results in a short period.

Enjoy a brighter, whiter smile with whitening for up to 3 years!

There is absolutely some good news for those who are considering trying teeth whitening. You can achieve that whiter smile every day for up to three years and even more! That is, of course, if you’re able to resist yourself from smoking, drinking red wine, and other similar things that could stain or discolor your newly whitened teeth.

Just remember to maintain good oral hygiene and habits consistently. You can use whitening toothpaste to help keep a dazzling smile while boosting your oral health as well. Ask the dentist regarding touch up treatment if you’re concerned that your bright smile is slowly fading.

Causes of teeth staining

The reasons vary. It might be due to scant or improper brushing to a wide range of health factors.

The leading culprits are:

  • Foods & beverages: Foods that stick to the surface of teeth causes stains, especially dark-colored foods. These include tea, coffee, cola, wine, and colored fruits and sauces. Even green tea and chocolates can result in serious stains too.
  • Cigarettes: Whether chewed or smoked, cigarettes cause nicotine stains on a tooth. It could also lead to producing tar, a naturally dark matter that causes dark spots on teeth.
  • Poor dental care: Inadequate flossing or brushing and other poor dental hygiene also contribute to discolored teeth.
  • Certain medications: Also causing teeth stains are various classes of medications like chemotherapy, high blood pressure medications, etc. 

Make flossing an important part of your daily routine

Time-consuming, hard, and awkward, yes, but keep always keep in mind that flossing plays a crucial role in your dental’s overall health. Take time to floss once a day at least.

It helps get rid of plaque from the areas between the teeth in which toothbrush cannot reach. Moreover, flossing helps prevent gum disease and cavities. You’ll feel discomfort at first but eventually fades. Talk to the dentist if the pain continues.

Do teeth whitening affect the enamel?

If used as per the instructions of your dentist, there’s nothing to worry about. Whitening treatment will not entirely remove or affect the tooth enamel. However, too much leads to certain risks, including teeth sensitivity and burned the gum tissue.

After all, the main role of whitening products is to remove stains from surfaces. The bleach won’t penetrate thoroughly in the tooth. Though, you may experience tooth sensitivity using some products. The discomfort only lasts temporarily, though.

Be aware of red flags!

Scams do not only happen through the web. Someone might approach you and “entice” you to try his service. Teeth whitening treatment is pricey, and you surely don’t want to take severe consequences. Before anything else, take thorough research on a reliable dentist or dental professionals you can invest in.

He or she must be registered with the General Data Council. You can ask referrals from a family relative, friend, or colleague who had undergone the procedure. Check also other websites to give you peace of mind.

It may be tempting to try over the counter whitening products, but that’s not recommended. Some kits come with health concerns. Unregulated and not safety-approved products contain dangerous and higher levels of bleaching agent.

Teeth whitening is not only for popular and rich individuals. Everyone can afford to have the treatment, providing, of course, your oral health is in good shape. No matter how tempting whitening products are, don’t fall into it. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up dealing with more costs and problems.

Tooth staining and discoloration are common among most people, but you can prevent it by regularly flossing and brushing, limiting beverage consumption that stains teeth (e.g., wine and coffee), avoiding smoking, and getting daily professional cleanings.

Make immediate action if you see your teeth are starting to get a stain or getting discolored. Consult an experienced dental professional to evaluate your teeth and make suggestions on how to improve your look.